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If You Like Laotian, Thai & Vietnamese Cuisines, Then You Will Definitely Fall in Love With The Flavor of Basil

Basic Facts
In ancient times, basil was found only in tropical regions of Africa and Asia. But now this “holy herb” is commercially grown in many parts of the world. Besides flavoring & medicinal properties, basil is processed to use in shampoos, perfumes and soaps.

Culinary Use
Basil gives pleasant flavor & aroma to meat dishes, salads, wine-garlic sauces, stuffing recipes and fish dishes. It’s amazing clove & lemon flavor makes it a key ingredient in pesto recipes and tomato sauces.

Medicinal Benefits
Basil is rich in nutrients, like vitamin A, C & K, calcium, iron, etc. Basil oil is good for anti-infective functions and basil tea prevents nausea.

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