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Bright Green, Wonderful & Fragrant Rich Parsley Is All Your American and Mediterranean Cuisine Needs

Basic Facts
Parsley is a popular culinary biennial herb found in Mediterranean region. The dark green, flat-structured Parsley plant resembles to coriander leaves which can be used as a medicinal and culinary herb across the world.

Culinary Use
Use Parsley sprigs in water-based dishes, like stew or soup, to enrich flavor. Garnish salads to give sharp, fresh and peppery taste. When used in rice dishes, vegetables and stuffed in omelettes, your body refreshes with high nutritional value.

Medicinal Benefits
Parsley has anti-oxidant nutrients that give relief from bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, night blindness and jaundice. If you are struggling with bad breath, digestion, fatigue, give a try to parsley & experience the difference!

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