All you need to know about IQF herbs

13 June 2022
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Herb demand is consistent, but it has been gradually increasing over the last 30 years, with a surge in demand in the last two to three years, particularly for organically grown herbs. Mint, coriander, rosemary, and sage appear to be the herbal stars, with demand rising all year. Herbs are often preserved by drying, however the individually quick freezing (IQF) approach is gaining popularity in order to maintain the freshness and full attributes of the plants. Processors must keep in mind that high-quality processing equipment is the solution in order to obtain good quality IQF herbs, as freezing herbs might be difficult due to the possibility of product over blow.

In our sector, individually quick freezing (IQF) has become the standard for freezing. This method has been welcomed as a means of retaining freshness and nutritional content. We also freeze-dry some of the herbs and vegetables we grow, which takes the product one step further in terms of drying it while maintaining its appearance and flavor.

Benefits of IQF herbs

  • Faster is better- Frozen herbs in India offer the most advantages to consumers over fresh herbs. One of the greatest advantage of IQF herbs is the accessibility. You have access to exotic herbs anytime of the season. There is no year round wait to enjoy the flavor of herbs in your favorite dishes. Moreover, there is no worry of herbs becoming spoiled since IQF technology helps to preserve the taste and flavor of herbs.
  • Sustainability is key: Only defrost what you need- Particles do not cohere since each piece is frozen separately. and the final product isn't solidified into a block. This helps you to thaw only what you need and avoid wasting leftovers. IQF herbs are simple to prepare and enjoy throughout the year without sacrificing vitamin and mineral advantages.
  • Using IQF helps reduce packaging- To avoid the conjoined chicken conundrum, some manufacturers individually wrap products before freezing them. While this method prevents food from adhering together, it is time-consuming, adds to labor and supply costs, and creates an environmental issue.
  • Basic IQF frozen produce- The herb in the most basic version of IQF herbs receives no treatment other than being cleaned and frozen. This is true for little items such as leafy greens, herbs, and berries. Larger items, such as frozen herbs in India, are cut or sliced into smaller pieces before being frozen individually. This provides all of the benefits of IQF as described above, but it becomes much better when we add one more step.
  • Conclusion

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