Flex Foods: The Pioneers of Freeze-dried Food

25 March 2022
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Located in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas, nourished by the Ganges, Flex Foods is today one of the largest producers of freeze dried food in India. Flex Foods was conceptualized with a passion to provide quality ingredients to enthral the palette of global consumers. For the last three decades, we have been delighting our customers with homegrown products, produced with great integrity and passion.

We specialize in freeze-dried food, air-dried, canned and individual quick frozen (IQF) products. Our strong commitment to quality food and rich legacy is the reason many of the leading food companies and distributors of the world are our esteemed customers. It has helped us mark our place as the leading freeze dried food manufacturer in India.

The journey of high-quality ingredients starts from good farming. Flex Foods takes pride in the fact that most of our farmers are Global GAP certified. They undergo rigorous training on the latest farming technologies from our Agri Sourcing team. They are also constantly monitored and guided to produce good quality products.

Above all, our farmers are hardworking, honest and passionate about what they do. All our products are processed at world-class automated plants and are BRC AA certified. Furthermore, our employees have immense experience of processing Agri products.

The Leader of Freeze-Dried Manufacturers in India

Freeze drying is the best method among all the others as it preserves products at the highest quality, keeps 70-75% nutritional value intact while offering the longest shelf life. The rapid and full re-hydration, visually pleasing appearance and impressive flavour impact are more qualities through which freeze-dried ingredients prove their superiority over others. Best used as baked goods, snacks, trail mixes, smoothies, as a topping, eaten plain, or in emergency food supplies, freeze dried products are light, airy and super crunchy. A crispy, dried version of your favourite food, freeze-dried products retain their original size, colour and shape, with a bare minimum damage of cells. Freeze-dried food products by Flex foods preserve flavour much better than regular dehydrating, leading to brighter, fresher-tasting flavors. We provide a range of products including freeze dried herbs, freeze dried fruits, freeze dried vegetables and freeze dried mushrooms under this category.

Air Dried Products

This oldest method in the books is still one of the most durable i.e. the ingredients resist crumbling, even when cooked. Perfect for condiments, snacks, dips, soups, casseroles, and pet food, this process of drying ingredients is best used to keep the original whole food nutrition intact while offering a prolonged shef life at an extremely cost-effective price. The addition of a fine aroma in the course of the process enhances the overall taste and feel of the finished products. Flex food air-dried ingredients are truly healthy and taste-tested to perfection. We offer a large variety of air dried herbs, fruits, and vegetables within its range of ingredients.

Our commitment to highest quality is maintained from field to finish. We deliver only the most highly nutritious, great-tasting, organic ingredients so that your retail products can come to life. Apart from serving superior tasting ingredients, ensuring complete traceability of each product is the hallmark here at Flex food. We firmly believe that consumers have the complete right of knowing the origins of their food while manufacturers must know the in and out of what is going inside their unique application.

Delivering freshness and goodness straight out of farms!

For more information on our product range visit us at www.flexfoodsltd.com/ or contact us.

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Flex Foods: The Pioneers of Freeze-dried Food

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