Global Initiatives

Exports of agricultural products from India are expected to more than double US $20.6 billion in next five years, according to the Ministry of Commerce, India . According to estimates by the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), the share of India ’s farm product exports in the global trade will grow from 2% from now to over 5%.

The food processing industry is presently growing at 14 percent against 6-7 percent growth in 2003-04. India’s share in exports of processed food in global trade is only 1.5 percent, whereas the size of the global processed food market is estimated at US $3.2 billion &nearly 80 per out of agricultural products in the developed countries get processed & packaged.

Flex Foods apart from single source to supplier of Freeze Dried, Air Dried, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) / Frozen & Canned-Mushrooms, All types of vegetables, Fruits & Culinary herbs has following advantages:

  • Comparative cost advantage.
  • Fulfills certification needs of importing countries.
  • Fulfills quality norms.
  • Wide ranges of products by themselves provide varied products widely accepted in world.
  • Benefits to big medium & large companies to import any quantity from Flex Foods.
  • Providing better and correct technical services and products.

Therefore Flex Foods is well equipped for serving with commitment in international food market.