We Grow Our Own Raw Materials In House

Freeze Dried

This technology is used by the army, astronauts, and hikers, who aim to carry food that is low in weight and high in nutrition. The primary purpose of freeze drying is to preserve the product, to increase shelf life, and maintain its quality. Freeze drying maintains the best quality amongst other drying methods. Freeze dried products have no chemicals or preservatives added to them. The products are crunchy as they are dried by the process of ‘Lyophilisation’, i.e. sublimation of water from frozen foods. Freeze dried products retain their original size, color and shape, with bare minimum damage of cells. The open porous structure allows rapid and full re-hydration, best for immediate consumption. Freeze dried products retain 99% of their fresh nutritional value and can be added to instant products, cereals, granolas, smoothies, soups, salads, seasoning, dips and several types of snacks.