All You Need to Know About Freeze-Dried Mango

01 September 2022
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Mangoes are among the most widely consumed fruits in the world. There is no way to ruin a mango, whether it is fresh, frozen, or even tinned. But what if you want to eat mango all year long? Check out this article on freeze dried mango. Everything you need to know about these special treats—including how they're manufactured, their health advantages, and more—is covered here.

What is freeze-dried mango?

Exactly as it sounds, a freeze-dried mango is a mango that has undergone the lyophilization process of drying. There are other ways to dry food besides using this approach, which is used to preserve many different kinds of food. Dehydrating, air drying and sun drying are further techniques. Lyophilization preserves the food's structure and texture by eliminating all of the moisture from it. The end product retains all of the original's appearance and flavor while being completely devoid of water.

How is freeze-dried mango made?

The fruit must first be chopped into little pieces before being freeze-dried. The pieces are then put into a vacuum chamber where heat is used to evaporate all the moisture. The chunks are then placed in an oven, where they dry at a low temperature for a further period of time until they reach the appropriate crispness.

What is the nutritional value of freeze-dried mango?

Mango that has been freeze-dried has a lot of calories and nutrients, just like any other dried food. About 100 calories, or less than half of a medium-sized fresh mango, are contained in each piece. It nonetheless has a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

For instance, each serving of freeze-dried mango contains 10% of the daily needed calcium intake, 30% of the recommended vitamin C intake, 8 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber. Freeze-dried mango is an excellent dessert choice if you're looking for something healthy.

How should freeze-dried mango be stored?

It is preferable to store freeze dried mango away from direct sunlight because it is quite perishable. You can keep it in the refrigerator if you don't intend to take it outside. But make sure to take it out of the container right away, because failing to do so will cause it to spoil soon.

Good things about freeze-dried mango

  1. Flavor- Mango's distinctive, potent flavor is easily captured through the freeze-drying process. To retain the flavor, we don't use sulfites, sugar, or flavor enhancers. It only has the authentic mango flavor. You might mistakenly believe you were tasting fresh fruit if you didn't know any different!
  2. Snackability and versatility- Mangoes that have been freeze-dried are simple and handy. The shelf-stable packaging is effective both on its own and in a tropical fruit fusion with pineapple, peaches, and coconut. Mangoes are a fruit with a huge range of uses. It is simple to add to savory packed meals and dishes, nutrition bars, hot and cold cereals, and desserts.
  3. Nutrition- More than 20 different vitamins and minerals may be found in mangoes, but vitamins C, A, and B6 are particularly abundant. Additionally, it is also a good source of fiber and folate.


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