Learn Why Flex Foods Is the Best Freeze Dried Food Manufacturer in India

06 August 2022
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Flex Foods is currently one of the top producers of freeze-dried foods in India. Flex Foods was founded with the vision of providing high-quality food products at affordable rates. For the past three decades, we have delighted our customers with natural resources processed under the most hygienic conditions.

We are experts in items that are freeze-dried, air-dried, canned, and individually quick frozen (IQF). We are honored to have many of the top food firms and distributors globally as our valued clients, thanks to our strong dedication to high-quality food and extensive history. It has helped solidify our position as India's leading freeze-dried food manufacturer.

Our Certifications Are A Testament To Quality

Flex Foods hold the following certifications, which bespeak our relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • The Global Standard for Food Safety- A program for certifying quality and safety is called the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. It offers a framework for food producers to help them produce safe food and maintain product quality to satisfy consumers' needs.
  • FSMA Preventive Control Preparedness Model- FSMA Preventive Preventive Control Preparedness Model certification recognizes Flex Foods' commitment to food safety and quality management.
  • Halal Registration Certificate- The Halal Registration Certification ensures that the food is pure and produced following Islamic law.
  • Letter of Kosher Certification- Kosher Certification is the seal of kosher clearance given by a rabbinic agency to confirm they have examined the product's ingredients, manufacturing site, and actual production to assure there are no traces of non-kosher elements in any of the Flex Foods’ ingredients, derivatives, tools, or machinery.
  • IMO Control Certificate- The IMO Control Certificate recognizes that Flex Foods meet the IMO IN Organic Standard requirements.
  • India’s National Programme for Organic Production Standards Certification- This food certification recognizes Flex Foods' commitment to organic quality assurance.
  • Food Safety Management System Certificate- The food safety management system (FSMS), also known as ISO 22000:2018, is a global standard created to assure the safety of the food supply chain. It enables organizations to show that they can handle food safety risks and guarantee that food is fit for human consumption.
  • Global GAP certificate- GLOBAL GAP is a collection of farming standards with a global reputation that promotes Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The specifications set forth for agricultural and market gardening businesses on a global scale regarding food quality, shelf life, and safety are also applicable.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certificate- A scientifically based approach called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) identifies specific dangers and implements control to guarantee food safety.
  • Conclusion

    The above certifications bespeak our non-compromising commitment to food safety and quality. We only process natural produce that is carefully handpicked by our expert team. Contact us if you're interested in knowing more about freeze-dried foods in India at https://www.flexfoodsltd.com/.

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