The growing trend of frozen vegetables and IQF vegetables

22 April 2022
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Vegetables are essential in everyday cooking. There is a great deal of interest in it. Individually quick frozen Vegetables or IQF vegetables, as well as frozen vegetables, are selling like hotcakes. There is a tremendous opportunity in this. That is, through manufacturers or distributors, to store, pack, and sell to customers. It has the potential to boom in the near future.

Frozen vegetables:

Frozen vegetables are frequently regarded as a cost-effective and handy alternative to fresh vegetables. It is readily available and can be enjoyed throughout the year. It has a lengthy shelf life and may be stored for a long time.

Nutritional value:

Vegetables are frozen immediately after harvesting, which is why they have so many nutritious benefits. In addition, one study found that balancing and keeping vegetables for three months had no effect on the phytochemicals in them. It has also been established that after a year of preservation, the vegetables' cells do not change or get damaged. Boiling, stir-frying, and microwaving, on the other hand, might destroy the vegetable cells. This is not the case with frozen vegetables.

Potential benefits:

For their additives and possible benefits,frozen vegetables are the finest alternative to fresh vegetables. These frozen vegetables are nutrient-dense and can be cooked or frozen for up to a year. It's also beneficial to our budgeting and time management. Fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are all contained and consumed when frozen vegetables are included in our diet. It has the potential to protect us from heart disease and type 2 cancer. The frozen vegetables in India are safe, contain high nutrients, and easy to cook.

IQF (Individual Quick Frozen):

Individually rapid frozen vegetables are preserved in the most natural way possible. It has been frequently used since 1920 and is also known as "flash freezing." Everything from vegetables to meat to fruits can be flash frozen, a procedure that reduces the temperature of food by 25 degrees in only a few minutes. The amazing thing about the individual quick frozen is that when we freeze it, it produces slow crystals of ice. Large ice crystals harm the food's fiber and nutrients while also hardening it.

Advantages and benefits of IQF vegetables:

Individually quick frozen vegetables have numerous advantages. The following are some of them:

Lack of preservatives:

They have a longer shelf life after being plucked because of the iqf process. Fish, meats, herbs, and vegetables have a longer shelf life, allowing them to be consumed throughout the year without losing their nutritional value.

High nutritional value:

Frozen vegetables are just as fresh as fresh or plucked vegetables, but without the additives. If you want to include individually fast frozen veggies in your diet, be sure they are free of salt and sugar additives. When frozen items are thawed, they emit a small amount of liquid.

Easy to prepare the whole year:

Whatever your customer's strength is in your restaurant, the individually quick frozen meal will meet all of their wants. You don't have to be concerned about the food's shelf life.


If you want to rebrand or expand your offering, include frozen or individual fast frozen vegetables. If you're looking for the same thing with frozen vegetables in India, please contact Flex Foods. We'd be pleased to assist you.

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