Why Use Freeze-Dried Mushrooms in Dishes?

28 June 2022
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Many individuals have the misconception that adding freeze dried mushrooms to their food would not be a good choice. It is mainly due to the unauthenticated information spreading on freeze-dried mushrooms.

Mushrooms do, in fact, contain protein, to start. Just protein makes up 20% of a dried mushroom's mass. But this figure only applies to dried mushrooms.

Freeze dried mushroom manufacturers use state-of-the-art process to maintain the mycelium's nutritional value in the finished product. A shelf-stable product is produced through freeze-drying, which removes water with a minimum amount of heat. Because they are heat-sensitive, vitamins deteriorate in hotter temperatures. This is true for both water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins, especially for vitamins A, B, C, and D. Phenolic compounds can also degrade at high temperatures. We employ freeze-drying to produce a product that is shelf-stable and retains the most nutrients possible.

Once the mycelium has finished growing and breaking down its substrate, the freeze dried vegetable manufacturers in India start processes that would give us freeze-dried mushrooms. Prior to being transferred to an organic freeze-drying contractor, the mycelium is first frozen. There the freeze-drying procedure starts. A second freeze cycle is then applied to the mycelium. The water is then removed through a procedure known as sublimation, in which molecules go directly from a solid to a gas phase without passing through the transitional liquid state.

The use of sublimation, especially with low heat and a vacuum's help to remove water particles, is what makes freeze-drying unique. The use of freeze-drying to preserve mushrooms is now supported by research. In comparison to other drying techniques like air-drying, several study groups have discovered that enhanced polysaccharide profiles, antioxidant activity are present in freeze-dried mushrooms.

Because the material is subjected to less heat during processing, freeze-drying protects nutrients more than air-drying. The main causes of vitamin deterioration are heat and oxidation. Arguably, freeze-drying do not expose mushrooms to high heat and oxidation.

It is known that mycelium and mushrooms are important functional foods that provide a range of vitamins and necessary phenolic compounds that have strong antioxidant effects. Using freeze-drying techniques, we can consume mushrooms all year round without waiting for respective seasons.


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