All You Need To Know About Freeze-Dried Fruits

03 June 2022
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Freeze-dried fruit is shelf-stable fruit that has had nearly all of its moisture removed while still preserving its flavour and nutrients. It's light and airy, with a dry, crispy texture but with a strong and powerful berry flavour.

Freeze dried fruits and vegetables maintain the taste of fruits and vegetables exactly as they are, minus the liquids. Given the convenience and easy usability, freeze-dried fruits are seeing increased demand. Freeze-dried manufacturers in India are looking to profit from this demand and turn the market tides to their advantage. So, why there is an increased demand among food-lovers for freeze-dried fruits? Let's explore in detail below.

Benefits of freeze-dried fruits

Freeze-dried fruits are ideal for busy folks who are looking to grab some quick food bites. Some of the other benefits include;

  • Fresh taste and appearance- Despite all of the processing, freeze-dried fruits have the same flavour as their fresh counterparts. By flash freezing the fresh fruits, all of the moisture is removed, leaving them in their purest form. What's left are crispy fruits that are somewhat sweeter for us to enjoy, with no changes in their look, shape, or texture. Because the fruits are not dried by heat, their smell and flavour remain unchanged. The freeze-drying procedure preserves the majority of the nutritional value of the original fruit. Freeze-drying only removes the water from the food, not the flavour.
  • Lasting freshness and longer shelf life- In theory, freeze-dried ingredients can be preserved for years. Water is removed from the prepared fruits using the freeze-drying procedure. To ensure that these fruits stay fresh for as long as possible, oxygen is removed from the cans and pouches. Oxygen absorbents can also be used. The fruits will taste more fresh as a result of this.
  • To summarize, the primary advantage of freeze dried fruits and vegetables is that they last longer. These ingredients can be kept in your pantry. They can also save you space in your freezer if you use freeze-dried fruits in smoothies and shakes instead of large bags of frozen fruits.

  • Rich in nutrients- Fruit that has been freeze-dried has nutrients that have a variety of health benefits, making it a healthy supplement to a well-balanced diet. According to studies, freeze-dried fruits can retain up to 90% of their nutritional value. Even a modest serving pack could provide a substantial nutritional boost. You can get your daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin A, and other nutrients and minerals without having to hold a large slice of fresh fruit all the time.
  • Conclusion

    If you want to learn more about Freeze dried fruits, then check out the website of one of the leading freeze-dried fruit manufacturers in India, Flex Foods, here.

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