Why Freeze-Dried Fruits are Better Compared to their Fresh Variants

11 September 2022
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Why freeze dried fruits are gaining so much attention? They have numerous advantages over their fresh peers. Let’s explore in detail how freeze dried fruits in India are made and their advantages over fresher variants.

What is freeze-drying

A low-temperature dehydration method called freeze drying includes freezing the product, releasing pressure, and then sublimating the ice. This contrasts with the dehydration caused by the majority of traditional methods, which use heat to evaporate water.

The processing was done at a low temperature, which greatly improved the rehydrated product's quality. When solid products, like strawberries, are freeze dried, the product's original shape is preserved.

The mix of excipients optimizes the final product's characteristics when the product to be dried is a liquid, as is frequently the case in pharmaceutical applications. Biotechnological, biomedical, food processing, and preservation are some of the main uses for freeze drying.

Freeze-dried fruits vs fresh fruits Nutrition

There are a few differences between fresh and freeze-dried fruits, even though both are nutrient-dense. For starters, because fresh fruit has a propensity to keep ripening and lose nutritional content over time, the nutritional value of fresh fruit can differ from that of freeze-dried fruit.

However, when fruits are freeze-dried, they are chosen at their ripest and quickly frozen, preserving all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The majority of the nutritional value is retained inside the fruit when it is freeze-dried, except for the water-soluble vitamin C and a few other compounds present in fruit skins.

Sugar contents

Contrary to popular belief, freeze-dried fruit does not contain more sugar than fresh fruit.
The secret is portion control, because you can consume numerous servings of freeze-dried fruit without feeling as satisfied as you would after eating an apple or banana. This implies that the amount of sugar you consume depends on how much freeze-dried fruit you eat. Keeping an eye on your portions is the key.


The flavors of both fresh produce and fruits that have been freeze-dried can differ.

Most freeze-dried fruits lack the same aroma as their fresh fruit equivalents, but some, like bananas, have strong aromas.

Depending on your preferences, you could prefer the mild flavors of freeze-dried berries over the sourness of fresh berries. Simply try out various freeze-dried fruits to see which one you like when it comes to flavor.

Shelf life

Fruit that has been frozen and dried has an extended shelf life compared to fresh fruit.

If properly stored and preserved, some freeze-dried fruits can last up to 25 years. The typical range is between two and 25 years, and some may have a 30-year shelf life. When compared to fresh fruits or even dried fruits, that is a seriously long storage time.

Freeze dried fruits and vegetables have as little as 1% of their original moisture content, which makes them perfect for long-term storage.


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